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    YOUTHINK UV Torch - 100 LED UV Flashlight with UV Protection Glasses - 395nm Upgraded 100 LED Flashlight Black Light Ultraviolet Lamp - Dog Cat Urine Detector - for Carpet/Floor

    • 【Upgraded High Quality】 This Enhance UV Torch Lamp has 100 top quality UV led lights, emits a lot of UV rays to cover a larger area, brighter, with a fairly focused output; High quality aluminum alloy material, waterproof and durable, easy to carry
    • 【Safety Usage】The flashlight can reveal the urine & stains of dogs cats and other animals on carpets, floors, furniture, clothes while you couldn't see with the naked eye; It works by emitting 395nm long-wave ultraviolet lights to bring out salts in dried urine and shine to make stains visible to the human eye
    • 【Large Practical Use】 The Black Light Torch Light protects you from dangerous creatures such as Spot Scorpions when you're climbing, camping, hiking, etc; Also point scorpions, authenticate currency, driver's license, official ID cards, passports; Perfect for revealing dry stains of dog, cat and rodent and unfavourable spots that couldn't see with the naked eye
    • 【Portable to Transporter】 Superb diamond-shaped anti-slip grip, precision computer engraving, safe & reliable; Daily sealing can last longer the life of black light; Two ways to use the strap, strap of the hand is easy to carry; You can use it in wet condition or light rain days, please don't threw this UV torch directly into water or other liquid
    • 【Premium UV Protection Glasses】 Elegant pair of UV glasses is included to protect your eyes; Professional anti-fog treatment, no influence on temperature difference, especially suitable for use in cold weather; Wing and eyebrow design, can Effectively block particles, sand and dust from the side
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